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TGF Rated Review: Secret Seed Society

November 10, 2009 by sue

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Secret Seed Society Pack

What is it? The aim of The Secret Seed Society is to make growing and eating food fun for children. They have just published their first Seed Agent pack, ‘No Hens in the Pen’ with Chrissie Cress.

Who is testing it? Me and my two daughters aged 2 and 5.

In Use: The Secret Seed Society Agent Pack comes in a brown, recycled card packet. Inside the pack there is a story book, packet of organic cress seeds and a Seed Agent Card for your child. The pack is really appealing and as soon as they saw it both my daughters were desperate to open it and see what was inside!

We started by reading the story book, ‘No Hens in the Pen’. Both girls enjoyed the story and loved Chrissie Cress with her cress hair! The story is great – it takes Chrissie Cress and her friend Peter Parsnip all the way round their farm in search of some eggs for the recipe they are making. We all loved the illustrations – a bold, colourful mix of photos and drawings.

As well as the story, the book includes instructions for growing your own cress. These are very simple and are ideal for younger children to follow with the help of an adult. Older children would easily be able to follow the instructions themselves. We had great fun planting our cress seeds and watching them grow and both girls loved the fact that they were growing cress just like Chrissie Cress in the book!

The book also includes a recipe for cheesy muffins, which look absolutely delicious! We haven’t made these yet, as our cress isn’t quite big enough to cut, and my daughters want to make muffin faces with cress hair, just like the ones shown in the book.

Any negatives?: None

Price and Availability: The pack costs £5.95 and can be ordered online from the Secret Seed Society.

Overall: We all really enjoyed this pack and my eldest daughter loved the idea of being a ‘Seed Agent’ and growing and looking after her own seeds. I really like the way the story, seeds and recipe all link together – it’s a wonderful idea and it’s great for children to have the seeds there ready to grow once they’ve read the story. It’s also a great way of encouraging children to eat the things they have grown. I will be keeping a look out for the next pack produced by the Secret Seed Society as I know my daughters would love it.

TGF Rating: 5/5