Rosie Boycott: "It's vitally important for young children to discover the joys of growing their own and these lovely story & seed packets are the perfect way to get them going"

Rosie Boycott is a woman whose drive and passion for sustainable living is making unbelievable things happen! So we're over-the-moon-flattered that she likes what we're up to at the Secret Seed Society.

Londoners may have heard that last year Rosie and the Mayor of London launched the Capital Growth initiative with the aim to create 2,012 growing spaces in London by 2012 (in time for the Olympics). London is 1/3 green space, and has large amounts of roof space too that can be used for growing - we just need to use it!

Each space must be community-based so it not only improves the environment, but also provides a focal point around which people can gather and unite. By inspiring young families to get digging with their kids, Secret Seed Society hopes to help the Capital Growth team hit their 2012 target!