Write a Book Review

 Last one to review a book is a rotten tomato!

...If you tell us what you think of our books then you will help us make MORE books. You'll also be helping children who haven't had the chance to read the books to know if they'd like to be a Seed Agent too.

Step 1 Read a Seed City Storybook.

Step 2 Tell us what you think of it. Write about it or if you prefer you could draw a picture or send us a video clip.

Step 3 Email your review to fun@secretseedsociety.com, or post to Studio 013, Netil House, 1a Westgate St, E8 3RL.

Step 4 See your opinion published on Secret Seed Society website and maybe even published in Anorak magazine!


Here's some questions to help you get started:

- Which book have you chosen to review and why?

- Who is your favourite character and why do you like them? Do they remind you of someone you know...your mum?

- Which character in the book would you like to be?

- Did you make the recipe? How did it taste?

- Which was the funniest page?

- How does it feel being a Seed Agent?

Send us your review and you could be the next Seed Agent of the Month!

Every review that we receive will be posted on the wesbite and will also give you the chance of becoming Seed Agent of the Month!

Now get reviewing our books, Seed Agents!