Carla Carrot Story & Seed Pack

Carla Carrot Story & Seed Pack

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Story & Seed Packs take children on an adventure with vegetables from seed to supper. This story stars Carla Carrot, you get the seeds to grow your own carrots and a recipe to eat what you grow. 

This book introduces children to the following characters a brotherly parsnip, an ambitious lettuce, an okra Mayor, a famous fennel, a wise old swede, and a class-room of other veg-characters.

The story has themes of growing-up, aspirations, history, and patience.


  • Illustrated Storybook
  • Organic Carrot Seeds
  • Growing guide
  • Recipe 

Illustrated Storybook

Carla Carrot is desperate to know what she will be when she grows up. Luckily Grandpa Swede is on hand at Seed City Museum to share his wisdom! 

What Will I Be starring Carla Carrot was written by Emily Capstick and illustrated by Valentina Cavallini.

Organic Carrot Seeds

- because you're worth it!

Growing Guide

SPACE: In deep pots, grow bags, and raised beds. 

SOW: Undercover – early March. Outside – late March – July.

READY: They take 8-11 weeks to reach maturity.

EAT: May – mid-Oct. 


SOUPER-SOUP recipe which teaches the basics of making a soup and allows for hundreds of alternatives.