Chrissie Cress Story & Seed Pack

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Illustrated Storybook | Organic Cress Seeds | Growing Guide | Recipe

Illustrated Storybook

No Hens in the Pen starring Chrissie Cress, written by Jean P Webster and illustrated by Valentina Cavallini.

Join Chrissie Cress and her friend Peter Parsnip as they search City Farm for the missing ingredient to bake their marvellously mad muffins!

This book introduces children to the following characters: cartwheeling cress, a parsnip who bakes, a motherly cabbage and a fatherly spinach and of course a farmyard's worth of animals.

The story has themes of caring, playing games, the weather, and baking and eating together.


Cress Seeds - Organic - because you're worth it!

Growing Guide

This is the easiest thing to grow. It will take eight days to be ready to eat.


Having grown their cress, children can follow the recipe to cook the same ‘Mmmarvellously Mad Muffins' as Chrissie Cress and Peter Parsnip. Delicious!

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