Mingo Mung Story & Seed Pack

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Mingo needs lights for his big pink bike now that Autumn has come!

This book introduces children to: a cycling mung-bean, a firm fenugreek mother, a cheesed-off cauliflower, a broad-bean barista, a chicken-tending marrow, and a stir-fry of other veg-characters.

Story & Seed Pack Includes


Illustrated Storybook | Organic Sprouting Beans, and sprouting instructions | Gauze to convert jam jar for sprouting | Recipe

Illustrated Storybook

This book is great fun read out loud together. The story has themes of cycle-safety, being helpful, earning rewards, and community. 

Mighty Messenger starring Mingo Mung, written by Stephanie Hegarty and illustrated by Valentina Cavallini. 


We only choose Organic seeds - because you're worth it!

How to grow guide

You can grow mung beans all year round in a jam-jar. They take about 5 days, are easy to grow with a little adult help, and can keep children interested in gardening in the winter.


Sprout Ting Tings: Combine your bean sprouts with a choice of ingredients and create a tasty meal!

Growing Kit

Any old jam-jar can become a Sprouting-Jar, if you know how! 

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