Full Membership to the Seed Agent Club

Full Membership to the Seed Agent Club

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The Seed Agent Club is the club for kids who are reading the books from Seed City and sharing the excitement of growing and cooking their own food from seed.

Throughout the year we post everything that your child will need to begin their adventures with vegetables. This is a gift that lasts the whole year! They'll receive membership card, certificate, storybooks, seeds, growing instructions and recipes to their door.


Full Membership includes

FIVE Storypack Deliveries, and TWO extra Fun Kits, each is delivered seasonally to their door. It includes membership to our online club, so you get to be part of our monthly newsletters too!


Storypack Deliveries include

An Illustrated storybook from Seed City | Organic seeds, growing instructions | Recipe |


Storypacks are

No Hens in the Pen, starring Chrissie Chress | Mighty Messenger, starring Mingo Mung | Bong Bong Bongity Bong, starring Rudi Radish | What Will I Be? starring Carla Carrot | plus two Top Secret books coming for 2011.

Fun Kits include



Badges for Seed Agents and their Grown Ups | Certificate | Activity sheets | Games | Wall-Charts | Newsletters | Vouchers 

It's the family gift that keeps growing - sign up a Seed Agent today!