Traffic Light Propagator Growing Kit

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Get your vegetable growing off to a flying and funky start this year with this kit of three multi-coloured propagators, vegetable story books and seeds.

The stories of Rio Rocket, Carla Carrot and Rudi Radish will introduce children to over 40 vegetable characters, teach you how to grow vegetables and cook them into something delicious and healthy.

Growing from seed is exciting and easy with these colourful propagators, perfect for windowsills or any bright corner. Plant a variety of beans, leaves, flowers and herbs in your multi-coloured propagators. The propagators have eight removable pots which make it easy to use, clean and store.

What's a propagator?

If you are new to the world of gardening and grow your own you may not be familiar with a propagator. A propagator is designed to help your seeds germinate and develop into seedlings, which you can then cut and eat as micro salads, or can plant out into larger containers to become bigger plants.

Here's some tips on all the things you can do with your pod propagator:

Growing Microgreens with Chrissie Cress

Cuttings to plants with Babs Beetroot

What's great about these propagators?

Clear lids make it easy to monitor the growth of your seedling and maintain the moisture of the soil

They look nice and neat so can have pride of place on a windowsill or desk, making it less likely that you'll forget to look after the seedlings.

Seperate pots, make it easy to plant seedlings on as they get big enough for the great outdoors.

The lids fit perfectly to the base, allowing you to pack them away easily for stroage.

Green and ethical all the way


Propagator RECYCLED plastic


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