Rio Rocket Story & Seed Pack

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Story & Seed Packs take children on an adventure with vegetables from seed to supper. This story stars Rio Rocket, you get the seeds to grow your own rocket and a potato pizza recipe to eat what you have grown. 

This book introduces children to the following characters a bruiser of a beetroot called Babs, a buttery asparagus called Albon, PC Pea Pod and of course the super athletic and charming Rio Rocket.

The story has themes of theft, sport, and camaraderie.


Illustrated Storybook | Organic Rocket Seeds | Growing guide | Recipe

Illustrated Storybook

Where are the Seedizens sparkly trinkets disappearing to? Rio Rocket gets a lead when his frisbee is snatched from under his nose...

but how will he get it back?

A Frisbee to Fly starring Rio Rocket was written by Amy Cooper and David Thomas and illustrated by Valentina Cavallini.

Rocket Seeds - Organic

Because you're worth it!

Growing Guide

SPACE: In window baskets, grow bags, raised beds or veg patch

SOW: Undercover – early March. Outside – late March – September.

READY: 4-8 weeks till you can start picking.

EAT: April – November / December. 


ROCKING POTATO PIZZA recipe which teaches the basics of making a pizza from potato and allows for hundreds of alternatives.