Rudi Radish Story & Seed Pack

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Story & Seed Packs take children on an adventure with vegetables from seed to supper. This story stars Rudi Radish, you get the seeds to grow your own radishes and a recipe to eat what you grow. The storybook set in Seed City introduces children to the following characters: a rhythmic radish, a tough band of potatoes, a percussive parsnip, a wise old swede, Mayor Okra, and a whole salad of other veg-characters.

The story has themes of musicality, rhythm, competition, and friendship.


Illustrated Storybook | Organic Radish Seeds, and growing instructions | Recipe

Illustrated Storybook

Bong Bong Bongity Bong starring Rudi Radish, written by Carina Dunkerley & Noah Millstone, and illustrated by Valentina Cavallini. 

Rudi Radish has always dreamed of winning Seed City's Battle of the Bands but he's not even in a band and everyone knows the Dirty Jackets always win!


Radish Seeds - Organic - because you're worth it!

Growing Guide

You can grow radishes in small spaces like window boxes.

Sow: late February - August.

Harvest: April - Mid September.

They take 6-8 weeks to become wonderfully round and ready to eat...


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